Star Trek: Eagle


Filmed by a dedicated group of young filmmakers in Dassel, Minnesota, Star Trek: Eagle takes place right at the end of the Original Series, aboard the USS Eagle (NCC-956). Find out more on our about page.


Captain Zach Banner, and his his crew of ambitious officers take us on adventures through the mirror, and beyond. Find out more about the cast on our cast page.

The VFX of Lee Gartrell and Ken Thomson, bring the look Star Trek fans expect to this independently produced Star Trek series. Find out more about the crew on the crew page.

Watch our episodes on the video page. Then be sure to keep up with the future developments in our blog.


In addition to the video series, Star Trek: Eagle has produced comics; prequels that start in early 2266, then go to right after TOS: “Balance of Terror.” Please enjoy the comics page.